Often done! 5 Causes of Computers Infected with Ransomware

Cybercrime using ransomware is very dangerous and should be watched out for. This is because…

Cybercrime using ransomware is very dangerous and should be watched out for. This is because ransomware can cause all infected user data to be damaged and leaked. As a result, users who do not have data backups will lose important data, thereby disrupting the work they are doing, especially for workers who always use computers.
Although the spread of ransomware can occur due to various factors, it can also often occur due to trivial things that are often done by users. Here are things that users often do that cause computers to become infected with ransomware. What do you think?

Trivial but important!

1. Visiting unsafe sites

The first mistake that is often made by ordinary people is visiting sites that are not guaranteed security. Cybercriminals sometimes infiltrate certain programs into these sites so that when someone visits the site, they unknowingly download files that have been infected with ransomware.
The easiest way to tell which sites are safe is to look at their URLs. Sites with HTTPS (Hyper Transfer Protocol Secure) tags are generally more secure than HTTPs, but that doesn’t mean they’re always secure either.

2. Download random applications

The second common mistake that ordinary people often make is downloading applications or software carelessly.
Sometimes users choose to download cracked software because the original software is paid software. But this is also a very effective gap for cybercriminals to infiltrate malicious programs into our computers.
Therefore, it is not recommended to download cracked software. As an alternative, we can download alternative software that is already available for free and guaranteed security.

3. Connecting infected hardware

Many people don’t know that ransomware can spread not only over the internet but also through infected hardware.
Therefore, it is not recommended to install a USB or flash drive that we find without knowing the source.

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4. Not updating the operating system

Surely many of you are still lazy to update your computer or PC operating system.
Even though the updates provided by the developer are usually in addition to adding features, they also address bugs and strengthen the security of computer systems. Therefore, updating the computer system is very important and can be a step to reduce the risk of a computer or PC being infected with ransomware.

5. Lack of knowledge of system security

No less important. There are still many users who do not know about system security, so they are often trapped by fake or phishing links that are spread on the internet. Users are not advised to click links whose sources are unknown or hand over their devices to people they don’t know.
Overall, many things can cause a computer to become infected with ransomware. It should be remembered that while preventive measures can help, we must continue to be vigilant and protect our computers from cyber threats.