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The know-how I chose to review is GeoGebra, a web-based instrument used to assist educate geometry. It was this void that the time period ‘know-how’ would ultimately fill. But the journey there would have extra twists and turns. In eighteenth-century German tutorial cameralism, technologie began to be used, for example by Johann Beckmann, to explain a ‘self-discipline devoted to the systematic description of handicrafts and industrial arts’ (p. seventy seven). three In other phrases, Technologie was a type of elite, systematic data. The use of the term ‘expertise’ by the American Jacob Bigelow within the title of the primary edition of his e book Parts of Know-how (1829) was almost certainly a borrowing from this German label. Schatzberg convincingly argues, in opposition to a Fifties historiography, that Bigelow’s utilization soldering point of ‘know-how’ was actually not the decisive second when a brand new concept entered the English language. Bigelow’s book was a ‘turgid compendium’ read by few; Bigelow himself renamed the text The Helpful Arts within the third edition (p. eighty five). Schatzberg additionally plausibly argues that the otherwise oddly named Massachusetts Institute of Technology obtained its name from the German Technologie indirectly: William Barton Rogers proposed it in 1860 and had most probably heard the term when visiting Edinburgh University in 1857 (where there was a short-lived Regius Chair of Expertise on the German model). The ‘Technology’ in ‘MIT’ popularized the word, even when it had been adopted, in Schatzberg’s view, as little greater than ‘a term sufficiently erudite and foreign to convey intellectual authority’ (p. ninety).