15 Synonyms & Antonyms For TECHNOLOGY

Media and entertainment industries are the earliest adopters of digital developments. P.S. “Scientists” haven’t come out of this looking good at all – they’ve come out like partisan hacks whose major concern are their quick tribal allegiances, not “science” and positively not the life and health of the common individuals they’re supposed to be helping. It started with the protests in June 2020 – any gathering of people prior to that was a mortal risk to public health, then hastily mass gatherings of individuals have been perfectly OK. Why? Properly, I feel we all know why, and it had nothing to do with public health. That was the ultimate nail within the coffin of containment – big business and the folks in energy on the time had fought very hard to verify there will probably be no prolonged lockdown with the objective soldering point of full containment in the three months previous to that (as a result of that would have meant setting the fully unacceptable precedent of taking from the wealthy to help the poor, and we can’t have that, significantly better that hundreds of thousands die than to permit it), and that type of hypocrisy destroyed any credibility of the idea of containment. By that point the propaganda marketing campaign had completed its injury (largely unopposed by the “scientific neighborhood” and actively helped by certain members of it) and plenty of regular individuals had been already convinced that the one accessible choices had been both endemic virus or them ending up on the street due to ineffective lockdowns causing mass unemployment, and as soon as that fiasco occurred, it was recreation over in terms of public perception.