Schematics Link Collection

Here you will find Links to many Circuits of modern electronis. Digital Electronics, Power Electronics, Analog, Microcontroller, Tubes and many more.

We tried to include mostly Projects that are suited well for DIY Projects.

Active Band Pass Discrete or Operationsverstaerkern
Active filters Filters for audio signal processing and
Alarm system for car, motorbike, house and home
AM receiver (medium) Listening to the radio easy to do
Amplifier for guitars Roehre and transistor, for Guitar and Bass
Amplifier for microphone for electret, crystal or Dynamic Microphones
Amplitude modulation Signal transmission with waves
Analog Digital Converters Bridge between two worlds electronics
Analog multiplexers Signals distribute or use multiple entrances
Antennenverstaerker Remedy for reception problems
Astable Multivibrator Flip-flop, the basic circuitry of the electronics
Automatic AGC GAIN Constant level
Balance control Audio signals Customize
Bandpass Analog filter circuit
Battery charger for all possible types of batteries
Beamer for home theater
Beeper For Aircraft Models
Blocking oscillator Simple Power Inverter
Car and motorcycle tuning Tachometer, speedometer, Tuning
Car Audio HIFI Mobile music pleasure
Central Car Useful Car Accessories
Chase A classic among the light effects
Clock IC, PLL, resonators
Clock Circuits Exact time of the PTB in Braunschweig
Comparator Basic circuit of the signal processing
CPLD Complex Programmable Logic Device
Crossovers Active and Passive
Current limit Protection for connected devices
Current mirror Current Mirror Important basic circuit
Current sink Dummy Load
Daemmerungsschalter No more groping in the dark
Data Logger Long term offline data entry
Debounce keys For push-buttons or keyboards
Detektorempfaenger The ancestor of the Rundfunkempfaenger
Dimmer Basic circuit of the power electronics
Distance Warner / PDC Ultrasonic or radar
Distortion Classic distortion effect for guitar
Door Chime Bell or Melodiegong
EEG EKG ECG Signals from the body to measure
Emergency lighting Safety in an emergency
Engine control unit wiring diagram All possible types of engines
EQ Active, Passive, with tubes, transistors or op amps
Equalizer Frequency equalize
Field strength measuring instrument Electromagnetic pollution on the track
Flash / Strobe for disco or science
Flasher Simple basic circuit
Fluorescent Dimmer Energy saving dimming
FPGA Programmable logic
Frequency Frequency
Frequency counting A standard laboratory equipment
Gainclone High-end amplifier with integrated circuit
Gas Detector Dangerous substances thankful to
GPS Global Positioning System Circuits around the GPS system
HIFI Audio Amplifier Audio amplifier in all power
High frequency For LW MW SW FM and more
Hobby Model For boat, plane, car
Humidity Sensor For humidity or flower beds
Inverter Alternating current from direct current
Jewelry Electronics with a difference
Kapazitaetsmessgeraet Capacitors adequate measuring
Kopfhoererverstaerker High End for little money
Laser A very special light
LC Meter Inductance and capacity measure
LED Circuits with LEDs
LED Drivers The correct power of modern LED's
Level Converter / Interface Converter Interface circuits for different Technologieen
Light detector Let there be light
Light organ A favorite project for electronics beginners
Lime scale Kalkumwandlung protects cables and devices
Limiter / compressor dynamics Audio signals to bridle
Line Transformer Generate high voltage
Lion battery charger For laptops, cell phones, models, etc.
Logarithms Analog arithmetic circuit
Low-pass (low pass) For subwoofer and signal processing
Lueftersteuerung For PC or house, conservatory etc
Medical ECG, EEG, pulse measurement, biofeedback
Messgeraet Current, voltage, frequency, and much more
Metal detectors To detect lines or treasure hunt
Micro controller programming devices Atmel SPI or parallel, high voltage mode
Microcontroller and Computer Controller based projects
Model Auto Boat Plane Railway
Motor Circuits for motors and motor control
Music and MIDI Circuits for musicians
Nullspannng detector Turn the zero crossing
OBD OBD2 Insight into the automotive electronics
Parallel port Standard input / output interface
Peak detector Peaks simply measure
Performance Operationsverstaerker General purpose building blocks
Phase control Basic circuit of the power electronics
Photocell For alarm systems, and to Geschindigkeitsmessung
Plasmahochtoener Precise sound reproduction
Polygraph Trust no one!
Power Electronics Tesla generator, high voltage, power electronics
Power Source Current precisely regulated
Power supply DC power supply On the right care is what matters
Praezisionsgleichrichter Rectifier for Sensing Applications
Preamplifier RIAA, microphone and other
Pressure sensor Absolute or differential pressure
Programmable logic controller SPS
PT100 PT1000 Temperature sensors with platinum
Quartz oscillator High-precision clock generation
Radar detector Recognize and avoid speed traps
Random True random numbers or pseudo random
Receiver and detectors all wavelengths
Relay Card Controlling loads safely
Remote Blocker Jammer for the Fernebedieung
Remote control For model building, house and home
Remote control Circuits For stereo, TV, garage door, light, etc..
Rev counter For motorcycle, car, model
RFID Transponders, detectors, transmitter
RGB LED circuits The entire color spectrum
Roehrenpruefgeraet For triode, pentode, Magic Eye
Roehrenverstaerker Fascinating modern devices with historical technology
Safety Technology Safety for house, yard, car, motorcycle
Sample and Hold Signals simply freeze
Sawtooth oscillator with transistor or IC
Schmitt Trigger Clean signals
Serial interface RS232 Programming and Application
Servomotor For industrial and model
Shunt Regulator Parallel control with special properties
Signal Generator Signal generation, function generator
Signal Tracker Signalinjektor Useful tool for troubleshooting
Solar cells Inexhaustible energy from the sun
Spannngsinverter Negative voltages produce
Speakers and speaker boxes Hoerner, bass reflex subwoofer, and more
Speedometer Accurate measurement of speed
Spherical Audion Basic circuit of radio technology
Stepper Motors & Stepper Motors Important actuators for robit / Mechatronics
Stethoscope Pulse and make Herztoene audiable
Supercap, GoldCap Circuits with gold capacitors
Switching Power Supplies Power supplies with very high efficiency
Symmetrical Power Supply Positive and negative voltages simultaneously
Synthesizer Analog and Digital, unc Moog Co.
Temperature Control Precise temperature control
Theremin Odd musical instruments
Thermometer Temperature measurement, analog and digital
Timer Circuits Time measurement and interval
Timer timer Per second Schaltvorgaenge
Timers Basic building block of the circuitry
Tone Generator All that is on its Toene
Transformers AC voltages change
Transistor circuits Circuits and basic circuits with transistors
Transistorzuendung For car or motorcycle
Ultrasound Not only for bats
USB Modules Universal Serial Bus
Versaerker amplifier module Power Amplifier for Audio Applications
Washing Machine Dishwasher Essential household helpers
Weather and Environment Air pressure, humidity, pH
Wheatstone bridge Unknown resistors measure
Wind Meter / Anemometer Where the wind blows
Window comparator Spannungsueberwachung

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