XR2206 Function generator
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Precision Function Generator XR2206

A most versatile piece of equipment for an electronic lab is a function Generator. It can be used in many experiments and measuring setups. The Module described here is based on the industry standard integrated circuit XR2206 and is easily built at a very low price. It provides Sine and Triangle output in the Range of about 1Hz to 1MHz. Amplitude and frequency is controlled by two potentiometers. Output Offset and distortion of the sine wave can be adjusted to a minimum using small trimmer potentiometers

The schematic, based on the Application note:

LAyout and component placement.

High resolution Layout can be found here

The frequency range is selected with a DIP-Switch. Alternativeley you could use a suitable switch that is routed to a front panel.

The module operates from 12V DC. A virtual floationg ground (at 1/2 operating voltage) is generated by this circuit!

Keep that in mind when connectiong the module!

When calibrated properly, this circuit can provide Sine Signals with less than 0.5% THD

New Layout can be found here www.loetstelle.net/projekte/xr2206neu/xr2206neu.php

PCB's available, shipping woldwide (Paypal fine)

Additional Information,Basics,DIY Kit, Links for Schematic
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