Atmel Tiny12 Development Board
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Atmel Tiny12 Miniature Development Board

For many applications a control circuitry is required, and today this is best done with a Microcontroller.

In many cases there is no need for a full-size system with crystal, serial interface and so on. For all applications, where a small but powerful processor is enough this little PCB was developed.

It is based on the well known and easy to program Atmel Tiny12/15 in smd case. A voltage regulator and reset circuitry make the board complete.

A onboard pushbutton also is provided for your convenience. ISP Programming can be done using the wirepads.

The PCB is only 25*40mm in size, so it can be used nearly everywhere,

The schematic is very simple:

Layout and component placement

High resolution Layout can be found here

Atmel's Tiny Controller can provide up to 20mA to drive LED's directly, so many applications, especially in Design and RC Model DIY can be implemented.

Available Application Software

RGB Dimmer

Three ultrabright LED's can be controlled independently with only one Pushbutton. This allows a virtually infinite number of colors to be created!

Moodlight Color Magic

The Brightnes of 3 LED's varies with selectable speed to provide many fascinating color changing effects (Mood Light)

Voltage Control RGB

Thre LED's are controlled by a Voltage between 0..2.5V

Ideally suited for monitoring purposes

Additional Information,Basics,DIY Kit, Links for Schematic
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