Subminiature Atmel Controller Board
The thumbnail sized board shown here is ideally suited for RC Model DIY, Case Modding, storefront displays ....

It comes handy when you dont need a full size Microcontroller board with RS232, Crystal and so on.

Yet its absolutelsy minimalistic, it has a large number of powerful applications, like Dimmer Circuits, Code Locks, Alarm Circuits and so on. You can connect 3 Devices (LED's, switches, sensors) to this small PCB

Follow this Link for a hires Layout.

The circuit is operated from a Voltage according to the Datasheet, typically 2.7 to 5 V

L1 100nH

C1 100nF

C2 100nF

R3/R4 depend on your Application. LED Current Limiting Resistors e.g. 150 Ohms

You can interface this Module directly to ultra bright LED's with 20mA current for many illuminating effects, like


Connect one or Two ultrabright Red LED's

The LED's are pulsing slowly, simulating a heartbeat effect. Very hypnotic. Use to illuminate your Computers CPU!

Software can be found here.

Dimmer Soft-On / Soft-Off
Two ultrabright LED's can be connected, and one Pushbutton. ideally suited for illuminating Computer Cases, glove compartments.

pushing the Button will fade the Light slowly from OFF to your desired brightness and back

Software can be found here.

Additional Information,Basics,DIY Kit, Links for Schematic
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